Basic shapes in openSCAD

So lets start with a few disclaimers, firstly open source software can have a very fast update rate, so things I write here while working now may not necessarily work in the future if something big changes in openSCAD. secondly I am running fedora 22, a version of Linux, at the moment so it may … [Read more…]

Introduction to openSCAD

One thing that I have always found useful when working on a project is being able to visualise it, and any method that helps you do that, especially with larger/more complicated projects can be a big help. Now normally I would just jot down details in a note book for me, and just draw out … [Read more…]

Thats no moon … oh wait yes it is

Thats no moon... oh wait

Some old pictures I took a few months ago when Jupiter was quite bright in the sky. As you can see in the above picture a few of the moons are quite clearly visible, although Jupiter itself is quite over exposed (couldn’t get a shot of both the moons and Jupiter correctly exposed). After a … [Read more…]

Shuffle Duck

So I was talking with my house mate Dave this morning about music, and how when he gets his own place he likes the idea of having all of his music on show again, rather than just using his music library on his computer. Apparently one of the side effects of no longer using CDs … [Read more…]