2D Shapes and Extrusions

Up until now we have been exclusively dealing with 3D objects, and putting them together, normally this is enough, but some objetcs are easier to create in 2D first. In 2D we have 3 main primative objects, circles, squares and text. Lets first discuss text as this is the least useful of the primative objects … [Read more…]

Some more transformations

I admit that I didn’t know about these transformations until today, but i now think they are really useful. Lets start with minkowski(){…}, this transformation takes two objects, and the result is to create the shape formed when you role one object around the other. This is probably best shown with an example, lets say … [Read more…]

Double Bed

On to the biggest and most ambitious project so far, a double bed.  The idea I had in mind for this bed was fairly chunky and rustic, and to match the storage ottomon in colour and style – I guess the next thing for the bedroom suite will probably need to be side tables… Tooling … [Read more…]

Storage Ottomon

We are a little short on storage space in our house so the solution I decided on is a storage ottomon (or chest – however you want to refer to them) for the bedroom, they’re very handy for storing sheets/towels/jumpers/etc. really any large volume items.  At this point I’m also planning a double bed to match … [Read more…]


After getting my hands on a farmhouse table that needed re-finishing I decided to knock up a pair of benches to go with it, thinking of the two-tone farmhouse style that’s pretty popular at the moment. So this project was to design and fabricate some benches. Tooling After some enthusiastic talk about DIY I’ve picked … [Read more…]

Simple TV stand

So my first post – ooh exciting!  This also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate some larger modelling projects in OpenSCAD – but since I learnt to use OpenSCAD from Simon I will be leaving those tutorials to him. Right let’s get too it.  This was actually my first woodworking project, a fairly simple TV … [Read more…]