Double Bed

On to the biggest and most ambitious project so far, a double bed.  The idea I had in mind for this bed was fairly chunky and rustic, and to match the storage ottomon in colour and style – I guess the next thing for the bedroom suite will probably need to be side tables… Tooling … [Read more…]

Storage Ottomon

We are a little short on storage space in our house so the solution I decided on is a storage ottomon (or chest – however you want to refer to them) for the bedroom, they’re very handy for storing sheets/towels/jumpers/etc. really any large volume items.  At this point I’m also planning a double bed to match … [Read more…]


After getting my hands on a farmhouse table that needed re-finishing I decided to knock up a pair of benches to go with it, thinking of the two-tone farmhouse style that’s pretty popular at the moment. So this project was to design and fabricate some benches. Tooling After some enthusiastic talk about DIY I’ve picked … [Read more…]

Simple TV stand

So my first post – ooh exciting!  This also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate some larger modelling projects in OpenSCAD – but since I learnt to use OpenSCAD from Simon I will be leaving those tutorials to him. Right let’s get too it.  This was actually my first woodworking project, a fairly simple TV … [Read more…]