About Matt

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a physicist living Manchester UK, currently working for the University of Manchester as a researcher in experimental physics.

I currently work with Simon studying light generation in semiconductors (LEDs, lasers, those sorts of things – it’s interesting stuff!). LEDs have a huge (and growing) profile at the moment for white light generation with the 2014 Nobel prize for physics going to the creators of blue LEDs.

Anyway, when not involved in that I share my time between digital photography (Flickr: MJDavies6), making furniture, making beer and other assorted home projects, or generally trying to be healthy (you know exercise/daylight/fresh air/etc. – which is a bit of a challenge when you spend the majority of your time working in an optics lab with no lights!).

Recently I’ve become a bit of a DIY addict, in particular joinery and furniture making – Why buy when you make!? it’s so satisfying! Although I will admit also very time consuming! Now that I have a bit of a portfolio of projects I thought It would be an ideal time to share some – so here we are.

For more details see my CV.

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